McKenzie Roller

McKenzie Roller



CrossFit Level 1 Certification

About Coach

I come from a long line of coaches and athletes. My grandfather coached men’s basketball and football and my grandmother coached women’s basketball and lacrosse. Their three children, including my dad, became basketball coaches themselves, and here I am as the third generation of coaches in my family. As a result, athletics has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I began my athletic journey following in my mom’s footsteps as a gymnast, although I quickly transitioned to soccer and fell in love with basketball in second grade. In high school, I was a tri-varsity athlete, competing on the varsity cross-country, basketball, and lacrosse teams. In my senior year, I was captain of the cross country and basketball teams, helping to lead our basketball team to a regular season league title. Although my childhood dreams of playing in the WNBA may not be in the cards for me, my 5’1” height being much better suited for CrossFit, I have continued to maintain my love of basketball and currently play on the UNC Women’s Club Basketball Team. Throughout this journey, the main source of my drive and passion for pursuing sports and athletics has always been the community building and life lessons learned along the way. As a result, when I found CrossFit after high school, I was excited by the challenge of learning new movements and building my fitness in a new way, but I was most excited about CrossFit because it provides a space for athletes of all athletic backgrounds to get more in touch with their body, build community, and try new things. I am excited to bring my passion to the HTS community!

Turning Point

In my eyes, one of the greatest parts of athletics is its ability to teach life lessons along the way. Sports have forced me to reflect deeply on what toughness looks like and what it means to show up for myself and others. In high school, I thought that if I pushed myself harder, put my head down, and ignored any pain, I would become the best athlete I could be and therefore be the best teammate I could be. However, that mindset led to multiple overuse injuries that set me back in the long run. I have learned that health is a balance of many different aspects of our lives and looks different for each person and that it requires us to listen to our bodies and learn more about our own strengths and weaknesses. CrossFit has been a great sport for me to find a balance that works for me, constantly training different muscle groups in different ways, bringing intensity and competition in healthy doses, and allowing me to feel strong in my own body.

Motivation & Passion

I started coaching because I want to be someone who can support other athletes in feeling healthy, strong, and confident in themselves. This includes athletes of all backgrounds, whether they have been around athletics their entire lives or are stepping into a gym for the first time. As a woman who has struggled with self-image and belonging in athletics spaces in the past, I also want to be a coach that supports athletes of all identities in finding a sport and community that supports their well-being, goals, and dreams.

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